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Masters is equivalent to the Indian Postgraduate degree. Masters In USA & Canada – 2 years, UK – 1 year, Australia 1-2 years depending on the subject and Singapore between 1-3 years depending on the subject; Phd.: Minimum 3 years..major universities are available in USA, Germany, Canada, and UK.Australia and Singapore less.lot of universities offer the merit-based scholarship to the International students.most of the student chose country according to the post work permit after the study.USA offers three years OPT –36 months (optional practics training) for the STEM (science technology engineering and math) students after the study.Germany offers 18 Months and Canada three years work permit.

Popular Masters Degrees
Masters in Business Analytics
Data Science
Masters in Computer Science
Masters in Electrical Engineering
Masters in Mechnical Engineering
Masters in Automobile
Masters in Civil Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
Biological Sciences & Bio-Engineering
Masters in Urban Planning
Masters in Public Health

Admission Requirements 

All top 100 International level Universities required test score  330 to 336 + GRE and  TOEFL  – 110 | IELTS – 6.5  to 7.5 Excellent Academic with Extraordinary Profile.high tuition fee $ 22000 to $ 60000 per year.

National level Universities most the universities look for good test score of  GRE – 306 to 310 + TOEFL – 106 | IELTS 6.5 Average + Academic with good Profile.average tuition fee $ 17000 – $ 23000 per year.

State University consider Average test score of GRE – 290 + to 305 + | IELTS – 6.0 and TOEFL – 79-80 .over all good academic and student’s profile. easy admission process.low tuition cost between INR 15 – 17  lakh per year.

Admission Requirement:


2. University Transcript

3. Two -three Letter of Recordation (LOR) and 1 Statement of purpose (SOP)

4. Essays for top universities like MIT,Yale etc..

5. Resume / Curriculum Vitae

6. Extracurricular activity

7. Funding

8. Scan Copy of Passport

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