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University of Calgary

University of Calgary

M.Sc. Computer Science

Master of Science degree candidates must demonstrate an advanced level of knowledge and understanding in their field of study, capability of relating knowledge of particular topics to the broader field of study, and ability to present knowledge in a critical and scholarly way.

The thesis must be an original work comprising a satisfactory record of research undertaken by the candidate, or a satisfactory critical survey of knowledge in the approved field of study. It must show competence in the appropriate method of research, and/or an adequate knowledge of the field of study, exhibit independence of approach or presentation, be satisfactory in literary presentation, and include comprehensive reference to the literature.

Program Requirements:University of Calgary
Graduate programs must be chosen in consultation with your supervisor and approved by the Computer Science Graduate Affairs Committee. In addition to the Faculty of Graduate Studies requirements, the Department requires:

Course Requirements:
CPSC 699 plus four half-course equivalents that satisfy:

  • At least two graduate-level computer science courses (courses labeled CPSC or SENG).
  • At most one can be an undergraduate course, which must be numbered at the 500 level. This course must be recommended by your supervisor and approved by the Graduate Director.

Thesis Requirement:
Students are required to prepare a thesis and successfully defend it in an open oral defense.

Time Limit:
Expected Time: Two years full-time, three years part-time
Maximum Time: Four years, either part or full-time.

Required Examinations:
Final thesis oral examinations are open public examinations, as specified by the Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations.

Research Proposal Requirements:
Research proposal requirements are determined by the supervisor.

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